Offsite Records Storage in Minnesota

Shelves of boxes in a records center

Streamlining Business Records Management

Are you drowning in a sea of banker’s boxes with no idea what’s inside?

A prospective client recently told us, “We currently have 60,000 banker’s boxes with a competitor of yours and have no idea what’s in them. It’s easier to keep writing them a check each month.”

Advanced Records Management (ARM) runs a monitor every 30 days that identifies items sent to us without information about their contents such as description, department, destroy dates, etc. This assures that you won’t find yourself in the same situation.

Our offsite records storage services also include:

  • Online Customer Portal
  • O’Neil Record Center Software
  • Barcode Scanning/Validation
  • 24/7/365 Delivery
  • Active Open File Storage
  • Customized Queries and Reporting
  • Customer Workspace and Viewing Room

For the Tech-Savvy: Advanced Solutions for Records Management

Now, let’s dive into the heart of our services—Offsite Records Storage. It’s not just about boxes and shelves; it’s about advanced solutions tailored to meet your needs.

  • Active File Storage: Think of it as your office extension, but without the clutter. Our active file storage system ensures that your frequently-used documents are readily accessible, saving you time and hassle.
  • Archival File Storage: For those files you don’t need every day but can’t afford to lose, we’ve got the perfect solution. Secure, climate-controlled archival storage keeps your historical documents safe and sound.
  • File Indexing: Tired of playing hide-and-seek with your files? Our state-of-the-art file indexing system ensures that every document is just a few clicks away. No more hunting through stacks of boxes.
  • File Storage and Delivery: We know your time is precious, so we offer 24/7/365 delivery. Need a file at 2 AM? No problem. We’ll be there, ensuring your business never stops.
  • Barcode Tracking: Imagine GPS for your files. Our barcode tracking system allows you to trace the journey of your documents with precision so you’ll always know where your information is.

Your Partner in Records Management

What sets ARM apart is our unwavering commitment to customer service, security, and technology. We are a local- and family-owned business with 27 years of experience, and we understand that your records are not just pieces of paper; they’re the lifeblood of your business. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service, ensuring your experience with us is seamless and stress-free.

We pride ourselves on our professionalism. We’re not just a storage facility; we’re your trusted partners in records management. Our secure facilities are equipped with top-of-the-line security measures, ensuring your data is protected at all times. You can trust us to keep your documents safe.

Technology is at the core of our operations. We are proud users of O’Neil Record Center Software, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of our services. Our barcode scanning and validation system is a testament to our commitment to staying at the forefront of technology.

Advanced Records Management in Plymouth, Minnesota is not just a storage solution; we are your partner in efficient and secure records management. Our Offsite Records Storage services are designed to make your life easier, providing you with the control and clarity you need. Say goodbye to the mystery of banker’s boxes and hello to the future of secure, technology-driven file management. Your records are in safe hands with ARM.

Call us at (763) 553-1422 or complete the form on this page today to experience the difference. Let us transform the way you manage your records.

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"Once again, I need to express my sincere appreciation to your company for coming thru in a big way yesterday when we transferred a lot of charts out of our old clinic building to your business. Adam, as he has been in EVERY interaction I’ve had with him since we first interviewed you and him in 2014 when looking for a new records storage company to partner with, was phenomenal. He is a great worker, an honest and positive man, and a joy to work with…Thanks for partnering with us and serving as our medical records storage company.”

— Shawn

"Thanks—I must say you (and Ryan) give some of the best service ever!"


"I would like to leave an e-Comment Card for Mr. Mike MacDonald. During the past nine months of my employment as the new Receptionist/Administrative Assistant at XXXX, Inc., I have had the wonderful privilege to meet Mr. MacDonald. His brief visits to drop off blank tape cartridges, as well as pick up any outgoing tape cartridges, have been so very pleasant, welcoming and professional! We welcome him anytime, and want to express our appreciation for his courteous and continued customer service!"

-Pa V.


"I’d like to pass on a positive comment about Kev and Adam: They did GREAT work this week. They worked hard, efficiently, and professionally and they did the work with a positive attitude. They communicated with me throughout the week superbly and they always let me know the process and their work schedule. I am very picky when it comes to choosing companies to do business with and my expectations on service and product are very high. I expect a lot (ask my children…or better yet, my wife!). Kev and Adam met my standards and I’m very glad we hired your company.

I did express my gratitude to Adam and Kev but I wanted to let you know of how things went this week. Kevin and Adam are great people. As a new customer of yours, my experience so far has been extremely positive."

-Children's Medical Clinic

"I want to thank Ryan from ARM for his fast, professional, and courteous emergency assistance that he provided. It is much appreciated. Thank you!"

— Scott

"Every person I have ever worked with at ARM has been so very helpful and genuinely kind! Every delivery person, Laurie, yourself – that is such a great thing to see and work with in this day and age, as it is getting more and more rare! Thank you again, Jeff, for having a great company and making my life easier here in Document Control! Have a great summer!"

— Kara

"Just want to pass along my appreciation for you and your team’s perseverance and responsiveness during these last two weeks. It’s been such a relief to have such a dependable partner in migrating our Mainframe tapes from Dallas to Minneapolis. Thanks again."

— Joe

"We’ve had a real good run with you for several years. It was one of my best decisions since I’ve been here."

— Chuck

"Seriously Jeff, I think your company is terrific and has great quality service which is at the top of my list when dealing with vendors. This is more important than cost and location."

— Teresa

"Thanks to each member of the Advance Records Management team for another year of friendly and prompt customer service, tender loving care of our boxes, and going the extra mile to ensure our experience is a great one! All that and you send me treats!? Wow. It’s like getting extra whipped cream in my hot cocoa--thank you!!

Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

-Janice B