Remote, Offsite Data & Tape Vaulting Service

Mission-critical data must be backed up and taken offsite and stored in a secure location immune from site-level damage. This is just common sense. Moving data to a separate, offsite location dilutes risk and protects against data loss when, for example, the company’s physical site is damaged by fire, water, or other natural disasters.

But since most offsite physical tape vaulting services often end up being provided in the same geographic area as your company, the threat of a localized or regional disaster that affects your local storage vendor will also affect you.

Just think about the California wildfires or the major flooding or hurricane events in coastal areas such as Houston, New Orleans, New York, Florida and the Carolinas. Each of these have proven that accessing required disaster recovery backups from a local vendor who’s experiencing the same disaster event as you is not a recipe for a rapid restoration of data.

That’s where Advanced Records Management (ARM) comes in. We’re located in the greater Minneapolis area and can become your remote, last line of recovery provider. We’ve been in the offsite data storage business protecting backup tapes, hard drives and other media for over 18 years. We run a state-of-the-art FireLock vault to keep your backup media safe and secure.

But more importantly, given our unique location, proximity to a major international airport and hub, and experience with remote data storage support, we’ve got a solution for you.

Remote Vaulting & Transport Experiences & Expertise

We are no strangers to the remote storage and transport of critical information. Here are some of our capabilities:

  • ARM has shipped data to almost all the current hot sites (IBM/Sungard) over the years as DR testing for clients.
  • ARM has employed FedEx Custom Critical service to transport tapes from Sungard in Northbrook, IL. 
  • ARM has employed “counter to counter” air freight transport (pick up at our facility, drive directly to the aircraft & then directly from the aircraft to the hot site) for DR testing. 
  • ARM has physically driven data tapes from our vault across great distances to a hot site. 
  • ARM coordinated the shipping of three trailer loads of backup tapes from San Diego to our vault using team drivers, climate-controlled transport, and exclusive use of the vans. The only stops were for fuel. 
  • ARM staff met client-owned aircraft at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport to receive backup media from staff, where we securely transported it back to our vault.

Remote Vaulting – Your Way

As an independent data vault operator, we are willing to work with you to define the specific type of remote storage and transportation you require.

A service level agreement will outline how we retrieve your current backup media, how we store, and how quickly we can deliver the data to a hot site when it is needed.

This service level agreement will include written procedures and a checklist to follow should you declare a disaster. If and when things go bad, we’ll know who on your team can declare a disaster, and we’ll have clear instructions on what to send and where to send it.

We allow you to define transportation options as you see fit. Yes, we have the resources to transport, but sometimes you already have other vendors in place to support you.

In all cases, we employ our proven data protection process. We barcode, manage and track your data media from the moment it enters our secure facility. Our monitoring systems can provide the confidence you need to support your decision to store with us.

We have the proven expertise to ensure you can get back up and running should the unexpected happen in your local region.

If you want to discuss your specific needs for remote data protection and offsite storage solution, please give us a call or complete the form on this page. We’d love to chat with you about how we can help.

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"Once again, I need to express my sincere appreciation to your company for coming thru in a big way yesterday when we transferred a lot of charts out of our old clinic building to your business. Adam, as he has been in EVERY interaction I’ve had with him since we first interviewed you and him in 2014 when looking for a new records storage company to partner with, was phenomenal. He is a great worker, an honest and positive man, and a joy to work with…Thanks for partnering with us and serving as our medical records storage company.”

— Shawn

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I did express my gratitude to Adam and Kev but I wanted to let you know of how things went this week. Kevin and Adam are great people. As a new customer of yours, my experience so far has been extremely positive."

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