Personal Vault Storage Service

Take a moment and think about the things you could never do without. They might include collector or historical items and documents or things that carry sentimental value and are irreplaceable.

In the critical moments of your life, what documents could you not operate without? In some cases, original documents are required, rendering copies unofficial. So, while it is good to have backup copies, safely storing the originals is vital—and keeping them on site may not be optional.

Advanced Records Management (ARM) offers unparalleled security for your personal valuables and vital records in our secure vault.

Documents and Property

When taking a quick inventory of your valuables, it’s easy to overlook some. Here’s a short list of valuables that are best stored in a remote vault:

  • Paper documents are shown laying flat on a table. Documents include: Last Will and Testament, Power of Attorney and ContractWills
  • Trusts
  • Deeds
  • Property abstracts
  • Title certificates
  • Social Security cards
  • Birth certificates
  • Wedding certificates
  • Divorce papers
  • Passports
  • Collectibles (comic books, stamps, sports cards, etc.)
  • Photographs
  • Electronic media (CDs, USB drives, hard drives) with confidential or irreplaceable data

Location, Location, Location

Storing valuables and vital records in your home leaves them vulnerable to fire, flooding, or other disasters. At ARM, we store your irreplaceable items in our secure, purpose-built vault that offers:

  • Off-Site Location – Our facility offers the protection that comes with storing your valuables away from your residence, in a vault and building that are both purpose-built for housing valuable and irreplaceable items safely and securely.
  • Climate Controls – Our vault features independent temperature and humidity controls—separate from the rest of our facility. The environmental conditions within the vault are constantly monitored and automatically maintained at the ideal levels for archival storage.
  • Ceramic Fiber Construction – Built to withstand hot and long-lasting fires, ceramic fiber is sandwiched between fire-resistant panels to protect your items from fire and heat.
  • High-Tech Smoke and Fire Detection – Our smoke and fire detection system uses ionized and photoelectric technologies for early fire detection.
  • Waterless Fire Suppression – Our vault is equipped with FM200 gas fire suppression, which keeps your items safe from water damage.
  • Multi-Layered Security – Our entire facility is protected by multiple security systems, and the interior and exterior of the vault are monitored via video surveillance and motion detectors. In addition, key card access controls ensure that only designated and authorized ARM personnel may access the vault.
  • Easy Access for You – When you need your items, it’s easy to access them. Just check in at our front office with your state-issued photo ID and we’ll bring your items to you in a secure and private room.

Navy canvas flat tote bag with handle and lockHow Does It Work?

  • You place your items in our lockable, heavy-duty canvas storage bags
  • We store your bag(s) in our vault and use barcode technology to track them through the intake, storage, retrieval and return process
  • You get a dry, secure, fire-protected and climate-controlled space to keep your precious items so you can sleep soundly at night.

The ARM Difference

With 27 years of records management experience, ARM offers:

  • Simple billing with no surprises
  • Secure chain of custody
  • Strict authorized access list
  • Various sizes of lockable bags to fit both your items and your budget
  • Access to your items with only one hours’ notice

Let Advanced Records Management’s Personal Vault Storage Service take the worry out of storing your valuable documents and items. To learn more, call us at 763-553-1422 or complete the form on this page. One of our friendly team members will help you determine your best personal storage solution.

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"Once again, I need to express my sincere appreciation to your company for coming thru in a big way yesterday when we transferred a lot of charts out of our old clinic building to your business. Adam, as he has been in EVERY interaction I’ve had with him since we first interviewed you and him in 2014 when looking for a new records storage company to partner with, was phenomenal. He is a great worker, an honest and positive man, and a joy to work with…Thanks for partnering with us and serving as our medical records storage company.”

— Shawn

"Thanks—I must say you (and Ryan) give some of the best service ever!"


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I did express my gratitude to Adam and Kev but I wanted to let you know of how things went this week. Kevin and Adam are great people. As a new customer of yours, my experience so far has been extremely positive."

-Children's Medical Clinic

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"Every person I have ever worked with at ARM has been so very helpful and genuinely kind! Every delivery person, Laurie, yourself – that is such a great thing to see and work with in this day and age, as it is getting more and more rare! Thank you again, Jeff, for having a great company and making my life easier here in Document Control! Have a great summer!"

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Wishing each of you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

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